Invisalign® for Teens Plainview, NY

Many parents considering treatment to correct their teen's misaligned teeth have heard about the new technology putting a smile on young people's faces: Invisalign® Teen. Candidates for this treatment find it fits perfectly with their busy lifestyles. Invisalign® Teen allows teens to eat what they want, makes it easier to brush and floss, and is virtually invisible, which helps alleviate the self-consciousness that metal braces can often elicit.

Invisalign® Teen is a well-established brand growing in popularity. It offers a set of clear aligners to help straighten teeth and correct certain dental conditions. It treats widely-spaced teeth, crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, and simple bite irregularities. Many individuals who have worn braces but notice a shift in teeth after removal also turn to Invisalign® to restore their smiles.

Invisalign® Teen is available at Plainview Dental in Plainview and the surrounding area. Our staff can help you make the right decision for your child's dental needs. Call us at (516) 255-6716 to schedule a consultation today.

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