Meet Our Dental Team

Dr. Matthew Hyde, DDS

Ms. Debbie Guarriello – Dental Hygienist

Ms. Michelle Taylor – Office Manager

Ms. April Paras – Dental Assistant

Our dental team takes pride in providing the highest standard of care and non-compromised service. We offer individualized treatment plans to our patients and we take the time needed to explain your treatment options. We are dedicated to making your visit a positive experience and one that is as comfortable as possible.

About Dr. Hyde
Matthew Hyde, DDS, is a Dentist in two private practices in New York. He has been in practice since 1982 and specializes in dental implants, cosmetic, and general dentistry. 

Dr. Hyde also specializes in the treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. He possesses expertise in the treatment of apprehensive patients in dentistry using acupressure techniques of local anesthesia. Dr. Hyde has lectured and instructed other dentists and plastic surgeons on these anesthesia techniques. Additionally, he has applied acupressure techniques to several other medical specialties.

Dr. Hyde has consulted for ParkellLD Caulk3M/ESPE, and Hewlett Packard. He is a member in good standing of ICOIADANYSDA, & several advanced study groups.


“Dr. Matthew Hyde is a caring professional whose strong attention to detail contributes to his success!”

~ Ellen F.

“Dr. Hyde is a Dentist’s Dentist. Good hands, good bedside manner, and of course, reasonable.”

~ Howard D.

“Dr Hyde is not only professional but a very caring individual and takes pride in his work. I have known Matthew since elementary school and have been with him ever since. He has treated my family and gave them advice on preventative care. I would highly recommend him for your Dental needs.”

~ Marcy T.

“Dr. Matt Hyde has been my dentist for about five years. Throughout that time I’ve felt myself to be in very good, highly skillful, and perhaps most importantly – kind hands. It is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone seeking dental care. More than that he is well read, inventive and open to new ideas. How often do you hear someone say that going to the dentist’s office is going to be an interesting experience? Well, you’re hearing it from me.”

~ Jonathan E.

“I have known Doctor Hyde for over 30 years. He has been doing dental work for me since the mid 1980’s. I have had other Dentists do work for me also, as I tended to move around a bit over the years. There is no question that the decades past are tests of quality and whether the choices that were made were smart in the long run. Dr Hyde’s recommendations and quality of his work have stood the test of time. Additionally, Dr. went the extra step and found a small cancerous growth that I believe other Doctors and Dentists might have missed. He saved my life (and my smile). A bridge he put in about 20 years ago looks brand new today. I recommend him highly.”

~ Ron S.